Better. Cleaner. Faster.

As I prepared to sit down write this very first blog post for St Paul Pipeworks I pondered on what the first message from the company should be. I looked over the website and the first thing that caught my attention was their motto, BETTER CLEANER FASTER. I, having zero plumbing experience myself, got that you can be cleaner and faster, but what makes a better plumber? I got a chance to sit down with Charlie, company owner and master plumber, to pick his brain and get his perspective on the motto for his business. Here is what he had to say.

What makes you BETTER plumbers?

What makes our plumbers different from the others is that we’re very serious about giving the customers what they want so we really listen. We ask good questions that get them to ultimately make the choices that fit them best. We bring the expertise and we understand what the options are for them. We lay out what their options are so they can make good choices. They can choose how much they want to spend on the project and the solution.

Plumbing is dirty, how can you be CLEANER?

All St Paul Pipeworks plumbers spend extra time on protecting the homeowner’s house and property, so we carry hundreds of white painter tarps in stock and we carry a huge number on each truck to protect things. They regularly get washed so they are clean and ready for every job. We wear shoe covers to protect the floors and we cover floors, appliances, counter tops and any surface we are going to touch including any surface we are going to set a tool on. After the job we do a thorough cleanup and often times customers will say to us “oh, this is cleaner than when you started!”. Even working in a basement area, they may see us sweeping or mopping in an area where we didn’t work. They are really impressed by that attention to detail and going over and above in cleanliness.

What makes your plumbers work FASTER?

The faster portion speaks to the efficiency of our company. We have put a lot of effort into having a large truck that is fully stocked with everything a plumber would need. Our plumbers do not need to look at the problem and then go and get parts. They have all of the parts that they would need and that makes them more efficient. Because we work in a lot of older homes, we understand what we’re facing. We have the right parts for the job so we don’t waste time. We also try to be prepared with the questions we ask when we first take the service appointment so that we can set the plumbers up with the best information to make it an efficient service call. We may be one of the only plumbing companies that asks for photos of the problem so we know what we are getting into. The customer service department does a thorough job of teeing up the plumbers for success.

All in all, Charlie and St Paul Pipeworks are a well-oiled machine. His plumbers and all of the rest of the staff are amazing people that really care and take effort to go the extra mile. If I need any plumbing help in the Twin Cities Metro area St Paul Pipeworks will be the first people I will call!  If you have any upcoming plumbing projects or need plumbing work done in the Minneapolis and St Paul area, I recommend you contact them today.


Yours Truly,
Matthew Dettwiler
Social Media Manager

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