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St Paul Pipeworks is an established and trusted plumbing company in Minneapolis and St. Paul, providing residents and businesses with professional plumbing services for decades. We are a locally owned & family-operated business specialized in plumbing repairs, installations & maintenance. We hope the following articles and media are of assistance in your plumbing questions.  As always, contact a professional plumber, choose St Paul Pipeworks.

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What’s the difference between an Apprentice, a Journeyman, and a Master Plumber?

The plumbing industry and other construction trades use designations to determine the skill level of employees. Much like the designation titles that were used coming out of the Renaissance, the titles that we are familiar with today are Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Let’s explore the difference between these different classifications of plumbers. Apprentices are plumbers […]

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Why do we prefer Gerber toilets? Ask A Plumber

Why St Paul Pipeworks prefers Gerber Toilets Over the Rest The most important thing that St Paul Pipeworks plumbers look for when selecting a toilet is how well it flushes. Homeowners will first consider the shape and design of the toilet and whether or not it aesthetically fits the design of the bathroom. But, plumbers […]

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Faucet Repairs: DIY or Call a Professional? Ask A Plumber

Are common faucet repairs DIY projects or should you call a professional plumber?  St Paul Pipeworks plumbers recently arrived at a job where the homeowner had tried to repair a shower valve by themselves. It turned out they were unsuccessful and ended up damaging the valve badly enough that it had to be replaced. We […]

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When to consider using a Voltex Electric Water Heater

Voltex Electric Water Heaters One type of water heater that St Paul Pipeworks plumbers prefer is an electric water heater with a heat pump attachment. The heat pump mechanically operates the same way as an air conditioner, it just operates in reverse. The water heater that St Paul Pipeworks plumbers install is a Voltex, manufactured […]

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