During these difficult times, in the middle of this COVID pandemic, everybody wants to do the best job that they can to help prevent the spread of this disease. I believe that St Paul Pipeworks does an amazing job to go above and beyond to protect not only their customers from getting ill, but also their employees. Driving the plumbing trucks from home to home around the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN metro areas, it is crucial to do everything possible to protect everyone involved. They regularly check the information that comes out of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), so that they can carefully follow all of the guidelines.

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It all starts with the very first phone call. The person at the front desk setting up appointments is very thorough, asking all the proper questions to make sure everything is safe for all parties. They obviously ask if the customer has had COVID-19 in the past fourteen days. They also ask if the customer or anyone in the household has been exposed to anybody with COVID and/or have had any symptoms of the disease. They make sure that the customer has not traveled or been out of the country recently. They inform the client that all of the plumbers wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, gloves and shoe covers, and require them to keep proper distancing. They not only require the plumbers to follow the guidelines, but also politely ask that anyone in the house at the time of the visit be masked and distanced as well. Again, they care about their customers and their employees. Besides setting up a time window letting the customer know when to expect the plumber to arrive, the plumber also calls or texts when they are on the way to make sure all parties are prepared.

It is not only in the customers homes that the plumbers take an extra effort to stay safe. It is everyday the moment that they step into the plumbing shop. As the crew arrives to work, right inside the door there is a checklist where they take a look at all of the potential symptoms of COVID. There is also an instant read thermometer and they are required to take their temperature and record it in a log every day. They are required to sign off on their temperatures as well as the fact that they are symptom-free each day, so it is something that St Paul Pipeworks takes very seriously and monitors very carefully. They keep up the discipline to ensure that everybody stays as safe as possible.

According to Charlie, master plumber and owner of St Paul Pipeworks, the most important thing is for everybody to keep up the discipline. At all of their meetings, Charlie stresses to every plumber to keep up the daily discipline, don’t let up or get too relaxed and that will go a long way to keeping everyone safe and healthy. In closing, I think that St Paul Pipeworks is going the extra mile to keep ahead of this pandemic. If you are looking for a safe, prepared, and reliable plumber in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area I recommend that you give St Paul Pipeworks a call today.

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Plumbing in the times of COVID