There are three operating parts to a toilet and any of the three could cause a toilet to be running every few minutes or constantly.

Constant Running Toilet – Possible Cause 1

The part that most commonly fails is called the flapper found inside of the toilet tank. It is a rubber seal at the base of the tank of the toilet. Anything that is made of rubber and is submerged under water for three to five years is eventually going to wear out. St Paul Pipeworks generally starts by replacing the toilet flapper. If you are trying to replace the flapper yourself, bring in the worn out one to the store with you because the are about thirty different varieties and you will want to get one that is as close as possible to the original.

Constant Running Toilet – Possible Cause 2

The second part is the handle that you press down to flush the toilet, called the trip lever. It can get hung up. There is usually a chain or some device attached to the trip lever inside the tank that lifts the flapper. It can get misaligned and hold the flapper up causing the toilet to run continuously. Trip levers occasionally wear out or they are the wrong trip lever for that particular toilet.

Constant Running Toilet – Possible Cause 3

The third part is called the fill valve, or the ballcock. The fill valve allows water to come in and refill the tank. It has a device in it that tells when the water should fill and when the water has reached the proper level. If the fill valve gets stuck in the on position, the toilet will continue to run. When the mechanism inside of the fill valve gets worn out, we usually don’t repair them, we just replace them.

Running Toilet

If you are having a problem with a running toilet or are just looking for a quality plumber in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area, give St Paul Pipeworks a call today.

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Why is My Toilet Constantly Running? Ask a Plumber