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Gas Water Heating Systems

Confused About Which Water Heating System Is Right for You? St Paul Pipeworks can help you decide. For many years, water heaters have been one of the least efficient appliances in your home, but recently, technology has dramatically improved the efficiency and cost of heating water. We can help you sort out which system fits your needs and budget. We work with a wide range of products and brands and provide repair or installation services for the following types of water heating systems:

Regular Tank Water Heaters

Regular tank water heaters are the basic starting point for a new water heating system. They are modestly priced, and they operate around a 58% energy efficiency rate. The newer regular tank heaters are better insulated and will be about 2% more energy efficient than your old regular tank heater. Newer improvements include a semi-sealed combustion chamber that greatly improves safety from explosions.

Standard Power Vent Water Heater

Standard power vent water heaters are economical to buy and easy to install. They are a little bit more energy efficient and tend to operate at around 70% efficiency. These units vent out the sidewall of your home instead of exhausting up the chimney. This is important for homes without chimneys and, of course, allows for flexibility in where to locate the water heater in your home.

High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

Improvements in water heating technology have led to much more efficient power vent heaters. A high-efficiency tank water heater can operate at around 90% efficiency. These tanks will reduce your monthly energy bill, and they produce hot water faster. While their dimensions are similar to a standard 50-gallon tank, the hot water output is similar to a larger, less efficient conventional 75-gallon model. These tanks provide lots of hot water and can rapidly replace hot water that is used, which means homeowners can expect to get one more hot shower.

Tankless Water Heaters

The latest technology in water heaters is gas tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters work differently than traditional water heaters. Instead of storing many gallons of heated water, the tankless water heaters heat up water only when it is needed. They can provide endless hot water along with dramatically lower energy costs. We offer the industry’s most energy-efficient tankless water heater. They are able to operate at 94% to 98% energy efficiency. They function at a remarkably high efficiency and have the lowest annual operating costs as well as the best payback when compared with conventional tank-type water heaters. Recent innovations have improved performance over earlier tankless models.

tankless water heater in ne minneapolis basement attached to wooden wall

St Paul Pipeworks plumbers have worked with and are experts in all types of water heating systems. If you are thinking about installing or replacing a gas water heater in your home or are just looking for a quality plumber in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area, give St Paul Pipeworks a call today.

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FAQs About Choosing a Water Heater

Q: What are the different types of water heaters available, and how do they compare in terms of energy efficiency?

  • Answer: There are several types of water heaters available, including regular tank water heaters (58% efficiency), standard power vent water heaters (around 70% efficiency), high-efficiency tank water heaters (around 90% efficiency), and tankless water heaters (94% to 98% efficiency). Each type varies in efficiency and features.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing a high-efficiency tank water heater over a standard tank water heater?

  • Answer: High-efficiency tank water heaters can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills, produce hot water faster, and offer a hot water output similar to larger conventional models while having the dimensions of a standard 50-gallon tank.

Q: How does a tankless water heater differ from traditional water heaters, and what are their advantages?

  • Answer: Tankless water heaters heat water only when needed, providing endless hot water and dramatically lower energy costs. They operate at a remarkably high efficiency (94% to 98%), have lower annual operating costs, and offer the best payback compared to conventional tank-type water heaters.

Q: Are there safety features in modern water heaters to consider when choosing a system?

  • Answer: Yes, modern water heaters, including regular tank water heaters, often come with improved safety features such as semi-sealed combustion chambers, which greatly enhance safety by reducing the risk of explosions.

Q: How can St Paul Pipeworks help me choose and install the right water heater for my needs?

  • Answer: St Paul Pipeworks is experienced in working with all types of water heating systems. Whether you’re looking to install or replace a gas water heater, their experts can assess your needs, budget, and preferences to help you make an informed decision. Give them a call for quality plumbing services in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area.
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