What is a Bidet, exactly?

Bidets are plumbing fixtures that are not as well known or installed as often in bathrooms in the United States. In a way, bidets are a bit of a luxury because they are installed next to the toilet and allow the user to wash the private areas of the body instead of using toilet paper. The fixture looks a little bit like a mini toilet but it is a basin used for washing. Bidets actually have a long history.

Bidets originated in France in the early 18th century at a time when people did not have the luxury of bathing regularly. The French word “bidet” translates to “tiny horse” in English, describing how users straddle the devices. Today, they are seen and used more often in European countries. Many people while traveling in Europe do not realize what bidets are used for and mistakenly think these fixtures are for washing your feet.

One of the nice features of a bidet is that the water temperature can be regulated so that one is washing with warm water. Also, the force of the water spray can be adjusted. There are two different styles of sprayers: One has a device on it that looks a little bit like a faucet that swivels at the end and the other style has a fountain-like sprayer located in the bottom that shoots the water straight up.

Bidet 2There is a newer product in this country now that can be installed directly on the existing toilet instead of having the bidet as a separate fixture. Several manufacturers have designed a product that can be attached to the toilet as a seat. But it is a larger toilet seat with a device attached that functions as a bidet. The device does offer heated water by plugging it into an adjacent electrical outlet. They also make models that do not have to be plugged in where you use cold water or pipe the hot water over from your vanity.



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What is a Bidet? Ask A Plumber