When Should You Call a Plumber?

How do I know if I should call a plumber? In general, esp. in an emergency, most homeowners struggle with when to call a handyman/appliance repair technician versus calling a licensed plumber. Generally, when the operation or general use of an appliance starts to grow worse and worse, it is likely to be a job […]

What is a Sump Pump used for?

The most common kind of pump that you will find in your basement is called a sump pump. The purpose of the sump pump is to pump groundwater away from your home’s drain tile system. It resides in a sump basket, (or tank), in the floor of your basement. The sump basket is about the […]

Why is my plumbing making noise?

What is that noise in my house? Houses make sounds. Some sounds are normal, and some sounds are an indication that there is a problem with one of the areas in your home. Gurgling, banging and whistling noises are some of the the noises that indicate there is a problem with one of your plumbing […]