What to do when your garbage disposal is clogged.

If you turn on your garbage disposal and it does not work, you can try pressing the reset button located on the bottom of the disposal. You also can check the circuit breaker or fuse box to see if the circuit breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown. If you turn on your disposal and it is humming but not moving, there is probably something caught between the grinding rings of the disposal. You could try turning off the electricity to the disposal and see if you can reach inside and unclog the unit. On the InSinkErator brand garbage disposals, there is an Allen wrench that comes with every. On the bottom of the disposal there is a hexagonal hole that the Allen wrench fits into and you can try to turn it back and forth to manually clear anything that is caught between the grinding rings. If you are able to clear the jam, take the Allen wrench out, turn the power back on and flip the switch to see if it is running again. If none of these options are successful, call your local plumber.

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My Garbage Disposal is Clogged – What Do I Do?