Do I need a water softener?

If the water to your home is coming from a municipal water department, you can be sure that your water is safe for consumption. Most municipal water departments produce a water report that is available to view online. The St. Paul Reginal Water Services department produces a monthly detailed report of everything that is in the water. Municipal water department employees take their jobs very seriously to make sure that the water provide is safe for people to drink. Here are the links to read local reports:

St. Paul Water Quality Report

Minneapolis Water Quality Report

If the water to your home is coming from a well, you need to make sure that the water is potable (safe to drink). You should have a water treatment technician come out and take a sample of your water for analysis. Once they know what is in your water, they can decide if and how your well water needs to be treated. Often, treating the water means putting in water filters or installing a water softening system. At the high end, it may be suggested that you install a reverse osmosis system.

Many municipal water departments that treat their own water will soften the water as well. Here in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro areas, the two municipalities deliver water that is 6 grains hard which is relatively soft water. Sometimes just by physically touching the water in the house, you can tell that the water is too hard. Noticeably hard water starts at around 12 grains hard. Hard water can have a negative effect on many things in your home. Unsoftened water can not only be uncomfortable to the skin, but it can also be hard on clothing, hard on dishware, and also hard on plumbing fixtures and faucets by prematurely wearing things out.

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If you have questions about the quality of your water or are just looking for a quality plumber in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area, give St Paul Pipeworks a call today.

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How do I make sure my water is safe? Ask a Plumber