Why do you need plumbing vents? – Ask a Plumber

What are plumbing vents and why do you need them? In short, to keep the stink out! The plumbing system in your home is designed to remove waste and wastewater efficiently out of your house. It has two different systems, a drainage system, and a vent system, that work together to do so. Every plumbing fixture in your home (your toilets, showers, sinks, etc.) […]

When Should You Call a Plumber?

How do I know if I should call a plumber? In general, esp. in an emergency, most homeowners struggle with when to call a handyman/appliance repair technician versus calling a licensed plumber. Generally, when the operation or general use of an appliance starts to grow worse and worse, it is likely to be a job […]

What is a Sump Pump used for?

The most common kind of pump that you will find in your basement is called a sump pump. The purpose of the sump pump is to pump groundwater away from your home’s drain tile system. It resides in a sump basket, (or tank), in the floor of your basement. The sump basket is about the […]