Shower Repair

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St Paul Pipeworks is an established and trusted name in Minneapolis and St Paul metro area, providing residents and businesses with professional plumbing services for decades. We are a locally owned & family-operated business specialized in plumbing repairs, installations & maintenance.

Most shower repair calls generally fall into two categories:


While taking a shower, if you notice that soon your feet are covered by an inch or two of water, it means that that drain is draining slower than it should be. Usually, it is hair or bath oil beads and lotions that can make a gummy clog in the shower drain. One of the most difficult parts of getting into the drain and cleaning it out is that those pipes are concealed behind walls and floors, and there is not an easy cleanout opening to insert a snake. Sometimes St Paul Pipeworks plumbers can go in with a small, motorized snake that can make it through the trap-way, but that can be difficult to do because the pipe turns several ways to connect to the main pipe.

St Paul Pipeworks plumbers start by trying to use a power snake, but sometimes they cannot get through. In some cases, if it is too difficult to get a power snake inserted through the waste opening under the shower, the plumbers have a safe liquid drain cleaning product that they use. They can use a non-acidic product to clear the blockage if there is some flow. St Paul Pipeworks plumbers do not recommend using acidic drain cleaners like those often found on grocery store shelves as they can erode the pipes.


If there is low flow in all of the faucets in the bathroom, multiple pipes in the plumbing system likely need to be replaced.

If there is low water flow in the shower, or if the shower head is not producing enough water or enough hot water, that usually indicates something wrong with the inner workings of the faucet head. St Paul Pipeworks plumbers start by taking the faucet apart. Sometimes there is debris trapped in the faucet head, usually calcium and iron particles that have joined together, causing it to start gumming up the inner workings. This can be at the shower head, in the pipes, or in the control module.

Often these can be opened up and flushed out, but sometimes the cartridge needs to be replaced. If it is just the one fixture that is running slowly, St Paul Pipeworks plumbers will attack it by trying the get the fixture cleaned out and parts changed. Sometimes newer products have flow restrictors installed in them because there are newer mandates regarding how many gallons per minute can go through a shower head. They can clog up faster. Sometimes plumbers can help the lack of flow by adjusting the flow restrictor.