Pipe Leak Repair

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Two Reasons why pipes leak

There are two reasons why plumbing pipes leak, either because the pipe has aged and the material that the pipe is made from has worn out or the pipes have become loosened at a joint. When customers call because they see water spots showing on ceilings or walls St Paul Pipeworks plumbers go through a step-by-step protocol to figure out what is causing that leak.

The First Step

The first step is to make sure that the leak is coming from a pipe rather than from a plumbing fixture seal or somewhere else. Usually, the pipe that’s leaking is concealed inside of a wall, but our plumbers try all of the other possibilities first before concluding that it is a concealed water pipe or a concealed waste pipe.

Next Step

Then the next step is to locate the exact spot where the pipe is damaged, worn, or leaking at a joint. Once all exposed pipes and fixtures have been inspected, there comes the point where the plumber has to open a wall or ceiling to make the repair. St Paul Pipeworks plumbers always check with the customer before opening up a wall or ceiling. It is important to note that the actual leak is not always directly where the water spots are showing in the ceiling or the wall. Sometimes it is located further away from the spot as water tends to follow its way downward. The plumber follows the water trail to the actual leak and then shuts off the water to that area. Then the plumber cuts out the bad sections and replaces them with new pipes. Like most plumbing companies, St Paul Pipeworks does not repair the damaged wall or ceiling once the pipe has been repaired. St Paul Pipeworks plumbers can recommend reliable contractors who specialize in those repairs, or the homeowner can choose to find a contractor on their own.

In the worst-case scenario, when the leak is located beneath a concrete floor, St Paul Pipeworks plumbers work with a company that has specialized equipment that can detect difficult leaks located beneath concrete floors. Occasionally it is necessary to call them in, but most often, the plumber can figure it out.

Homeowners should be cautious

Homeowners need to be cautious about checking for openings where outside air is blowing in directly on a pipe and must be aware if their heating system shuts down in freezing temperatures during the winter. Freezing temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze and break. When the water in the pipe freezes, it expands. The mass of water is bigger in its frozen state than when it is in a liquid state, and when it expands, it breaks the pipe. When that happens, it rarely causes a drip; it usually causes a water gush that makes a big mess.

The homeowner must turn the water off immediately to avoid significant water damage. Also, occasionally when a pipe freezes and breaks, there can be a chunk of ice in the pipe that blocks the leak, and it won’t start leaking or gushing water until the pipe thaws. However, generally, the leak from a frozen pipe happens right away.