Garbage Disposal Repair

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If your garbage disposal is not working correctly, it is usually one of three things that have gone wrong:

The most obvious problem with a non-working garbage disposal is that the motor has worn out and will not turn on. When you try to turn it on, the motor does not start and you will not hear any noise coming from the disposal at all.

If there is a red reset button on the bottom of the disposal underneath the sink, sometimes pressing that reset button will restart the motor and get the disposal working again.

If that does not work and the motor is completely dead, a garbage disposal is not the kind of appliance that you can easily take in and have repaired. A repair is typically more expensive than a new disposal. If it is a worn-out motor, the disposal needs to be replaced.

When trying to turn on the garbage disposal, if you just hear a humming noise, that usually means that there is debris or an object stuck between the grinding teeth in the grinding chamber. If something is caught in the grinding teeth, St Paul Pipeworks plumbers can often get inside the disposal to remove it.

There are rubber baffles at the top of the disposal that keeps the splash from coming out, and the plumber can usually pull those to the side and shine a flashlight inside to locate the lodged object. There are specialty long-necked plumbing tools that are small enough to get deep inside of the disposal. Never try to stick your hand inside of the disposal to remove a lodged object.

If your garbage disposal has water leaking out of the bottom, the grinding chamber has worn out and rotted and requires the disposal to be replaced.

Garbage Disposal PRO TIP:
A new garbage disposal usually comes with a large Allen wrench. Unfortunately, people often lose them. If you still have the Allen wrench that came with the disposal, there is a hole on the bottom of the disposal. You can insert the Allen wrench in the hole in the middle and rotate the entire chamber manually to try to get it to spin freely.