Trusted Local Bathtub Repair Plumbers Near You

St Paul Pipeworks is an established and trusted name in Minneapolis and St Paul metro area, providing residents and businesses with professional plumbing services for decades. We are a locally owned & family-operated business specializing in plumbing repairs, installations & maintenance.

Bathtub repair calls generally fall into three categories:


If there is low water pressure coming out of the faucet and if the faucet is not producing enough water to enjoy a good shower or to fill your bathtub in a reasonable amount of time, St Paul Pipeworks plumbers open up that faucet and take it apart to fix it. Sometimes, the whole faucet needs to be replaced. Replacing the faucet on a bathtub is a much larger job than replacing a faucet on a kitchen sink, laundry tub, or vanity. What most people don’t realize is that plumbers can do most of the repairs on a bathtub faucet or a bath and shower faucet from the front side. The trick is figuring out how to get the faucet apart because when looking at it from the front, it is not always evident how to get it apart. St Paul Pipeworks plumbers understand how to get faucets apart. Usually, older standard faucets can be repaired by just replacing the worn washers or the packing around the handles. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then the whole stem is replaced. On newer model faucets, generally, the problem can be resolved by replacing the cartridge. Typically, those new parts will stop the leaking. The other thing the plumbers do while the faucet is apart is to flush it out because sometimes calcium and iron particles get in the faucet and plug it up, preventing ideal water delivery. Bath and shower faucets are harder faucets to do repairs on because most of the parts are concealed. St Paul Pipeworks plumbers have specialized tools that allow them to make the repairs even when part of the faucet is concealed behind the wall.


St Paul Pipeworks plumbers get a fair number of calls when people see water leaking from the faucet. If the bathtub or the shower is on the main floor there may be water leaking below, either in an unfinished basement or in a finished basement. If water is starting to appear in the room or basement below the bathroom, the first thing that St Paul Pipeworks plumbers look at is how tight the wall system is, whether it’s a ceramic wall or another kind of shower wall, and if water can be getting through. Sometimes water gets through between the tub wall and the tub itself. Water can also get in around the tub spout, or around the waste and overflow, or around the controls. St Paul Pipeworks plumbers are good at finding the source of the leak.

Stopping the leak could also be a matter of caulking and re-tiling. About half of the time, when people are seeing a leak in the bathroom near the tub and shower, it is actually not a plumbing problem, but a problem with the tub wall or shower walls.


St Paul Pipeworks plumbers occasionally find leaks coming from the waste system that leads from a bathtub. In that case, the plumber typically has to open inspection doors or look at it from the basement below to locate the leak’s origin. If the leak is coming from the waste system, the plumber can typically replace the waste and overflow. Often, leaks require replacing the P-trap and some of the pipe. Those are everyday things that St Paul Pipeworks plumbers look at and fix if leaks are coming from the waste system.